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What is it ?

Hyuux! is an Open-Source benchmark which assesses your CPU's power by calculating several times a mathematical expression. This software is under GNU GPL license.

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Binaries and source code

Hyuux! is coded in C++ with the pthread library, and compiled with gcc.

This benchmark is currently developped for Microsoft© Windows™ XP / Vista / Seven 32/64bits, and it will perhaps be derivated for GNU/Linux (32bits). Source code is available for users who want to compile this program for their favorite Operating System.

How does it assess your CPU's power?

Hyuux!'s algorithm is based on the Zeno's dichotomy paradox:
With: l, the total distance between a A point and a B point;
v, the speed of the object (supposed constant along the experiment);
and t, the total time taken by the object to get from the A point to the B point.
This mathematical formula can be used:
Zeno's dichotomy paradox formula.
But because it's impossible to calculate until infinity, Hyuux! calculate this expression until n = 107.
This formula is calculated 300 times in 20 different threads, and a score is calculated from the time taken to do these calculations.

The Hyuux! project is hosted on SourceForge.net. Thanks to them.